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Doyles Construction Lawyers are Construction Law Specialists.

  • Our Firm

    was established in 1991. We have the experience to provide better advice.

  • Our Offices

    are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

  • Our Clients

    are involved in the municipal, construction, engineering and development industries and include government agencies, statutory authorities, principals, head contractors and subcontractors alike.

  • We cover

    matters concerned with project planning and contract development through to project completion, maintenance and management.

  • Our Staff

    are from multidisciplinary backgrounds and have experience working in building construction and related industries as well as the legal services. We have an in depth perspective.

  • Our Capacity

    we can handle all types of Australian projects from small scale residential projects to major commercial and civil developments.

  • Our Expertise

    includes contract review, drafting and structuring, construction law advice, payment claims, construction and building disputes and more

  • Our Reputation

    We have demonstrated our experience and competence. We guarantee success. We have the confidence to be assertive.

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