Disputes can arise in a number of situations ranging from miscommunications to variations. We can provide legal representation whether you are hoping for a negotiated outcome or are planning for litigation.

Building dispute lawyers

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Building disputes

Doyles Construction Lawyers have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution processes including mediation, arbitration and expert determination.

When designing dispute resolution plans for our clients, we often aim to work with parties to resolve disputes through cost effective solutions such as mediations or alternative methods before seeking deployment of our litigation teams. This can often achieve more commercially useful results, preserving business relationships, confidentiality and delivering more prompt relief than the formal litigation process.

If disputes do go to litigation, we carry experience in litigation in Australian federal and state jurisdictions, at all levels.

Whether you are a homeowner, builder, contractor, or subcontractor, if you need help in construction dispute resolution, Doyles Construction Lawyers is here for you.

Doyles Construction Lawyers are construction dispute resolution specialists serving clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.