Negotiation can often prevent disputes escalating into costly and time consuming court battles.

Skilled Negotiation in the Tender Stage can also help mitigate Liability Risks and avoid certain types of Disputes altogether.


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Construction negotiation

Disputes can arise between builders, homeowners, contractors, and subcontractors at any stage of the construction project. There are a wide variety of reasons why disputes happen, however, negotiation is often the most practical and cheapest solution to resolving construction disputes.

Doyles Construction Lawyers are experienced in all aspects of construction negotiation and can provide support to clients who may be concerned about how the course of negotiations may affect their interests if a dispute is escalated to court or arbitration.

We can help you with negotiating and settling building contract disputes as well as assisting with precontractual negotiations and contract drafting, which can help avoid liability and disputes for your future projects.

Doyles Construction Lawyers are construction negotiation specialists serving clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Melbourne.