Jim Doyle, principal lawyer at Doyles Construction Lawyers, is part of a panel of distinguished speakers who will present at a major Construction Law seminar on August 17, 2021. Entitled Construction Law in 8 Hours Masterclass, the event is being organized by Crown Leadership International Group – a business organization of DISTINGUISHED TRAINERS that conducts premier conferences in partnership with industry leaders.

Jim will be presenting on the topic of how to avoid disputes in construction. Specifically he will delve on specific points which include:

  1. dealing with contract administration
  2. assessing the various dispute resolution mechanisms
  3. using dispute resolution boards; 4) separating the contract administration from dispute management
  4. on-site dispute avoidance and management.

Qualified and experienced as an Engineer, Economist, and Lawyer, Jim has been practicing in Construction Law for over 20 years and has written numerous papers for various industry conferences.

If you are a Construction Manager, Engineer, Architect, or Builder, you will highly benefit from the upcoming event. Click here to know how you can register.