When an inquiry is made a lawyer will ascertain the clients requirements, development and course of action, outline activities required and establish key operational stages of work.

Response Time

We are available for urgent advice and are able to map out a plan of action to protect and promote your interest with minimal delay.


Doyles Construction Lawyers maintain efficiency by using databases to effectively control and manage large volumes of documentary material. The firm’s software enables solicitors to link up with on-line government search registries and professional research data bases, access internal and external programs and files and maintain contact with clients and other personnel.

Quality Assurance

ApproachDoyles is a quality assured firm which has been independently accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008 for the design and provision of legal and associated services.

The firm’s focus is on the delivery of excellence in all aspects of the practice with continuous development in all areas. It is one of the few legal firms which has maintained accreditation to international commercial quality standards for over a decade.

If you have an inquiry, please contact us by telephone or email us at doyles@doylesconstructionlawyers.com.au