Doyles Construction Lawyers was established in 1991 and has since expanded to four states, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

We are Construction Law specialists and our expertise includes construction contract reviews and amendments, drafting and structuring, building dispute resolution, construction negotiation, payment claims, litigation, arbitration, general advice and more.

Doyles Construction Lawyers acts for a diverse range of clients which are involved in the municipal, construction, engineering, and development industries and include government agencies, statutory authorities, principals, head contractors and subcontractors alike. From residential projects to nine figure civil and commercial developments, our flexible teams are well equipped to handle all types of projects and represent parties at all stages of project development from planning, tendering, design and construction, to project delivery and dispute resolution.

We have a diverse team of experienced and capable staff who can assist in a wide range of Construction Law matters. Our staff come from multidisciplinary backgrounds having worked in legal services, building and construction, engineering and related industries. This provides our clients with the benefits of a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of construction projects and the associated legal issues.

Doyles Construction Lawyers has represented Private and Government entity clients on development projects ranging from small residential matters to large commercial projects in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria. Our team members also regularly present at industry conferences on topics of current interest and publish the Casewatch, a newsletter which features recent Court decisions of specific relevance to the construction industry.

When an inquiry is made a lawyer will ascertain the clients requirements, development and course of action, outline activities required and establish key operational stages of work.

Fast Responses

We are available for urgent advice and are able to map out a plan of action to protect and promote your interest with minimal delay.

Quality Assurance

Doyles is a quality assured firm which has been independently accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008 for the design and provision of legal and associated services.

The firm’s focus is on the delivery of excellence in all aspects of the practice with continuous development in all areas. It is one of the few legal firms which has maintained accreditation to international commercial quality standards for over a decade.

If you have an inquiry, please contact us by telephone or email us at

The professional staff at Doyles Construction Lawyers bring years of multidisciplinary experience and focused skills to enable a tailored approach to each matter.

Professional Expertise

The firm’s solicitors have been involved in construction and major projects for over twenty-five years. The team at Doyles Construction Lawyers advise clients with a multi-disciplinary approach, with the goal of addressing challenges while also catering to the ramifications of future legal, technical and commercial issues.

Doyles Construction Lawyers provide advice to principals (including government, semi-government and non-government clients), contractors and major sub-contractors. Doyles Construction Lawyers also advise on probity issues, and can help clients predict and prevent issues before they arise, by reviewing and providing recommendations regarding statutory and organisational compliance.

Ongoing Professional Development

The firm selects lawyers for their commitment to service and legal excellence. Doyles Construction Lawyers invests heavily in professional development and encourages staff to continue their legal education beyond the mandatory standards for lawyers. We also invest in paralegals and administrative staff with knowledge of the legal process to support our legal professionals.

Our staff regularly attend industry-run conferences, seminars and workshops for ongoing professional development. Attendance at such events heightens industry knowledge and builds a strong relationship with industry associations and personnel to promote our efficiency and understanding of developments and trends in the industry, which in turn is for the benefit of our clients.

Doyles’ client base reflects the diversity of participants in the construction, engineering, development industries and many more.

We act for:

  • Principals, including government and statutory authorities
  • Contractors, builders and project managers
  • Consultants, such as engineers, architects and surveyors
  • Subcontractors and suppliers.