We offer contract management and other legal or industry-related training in-house. Our legal team is available through audio-video link, as well as for in-person training. 


Payment Claims and Schedules – Essential Principals

Welcome to Payment Claims and Schedules, a digital seminar hosted by Doyles Construction Lawyers, in which we will share the tips and tricks you should know in this important area of construction law in Australia.

This digital seminar will focus on the critical processes to ensure you aren’t left vulnerable.

Please be advised that the contract is provided by members of the NSW litigation team and will be set according to NSW Time. Attendees should check to ensure that they have the correct local time in their Australian state.

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Fri, June 14 2024


Builders Success and Risk Mitigation Webinar

Thu, May 16, 2024 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM AEST

Webinar: Latent Conditions - Legal Fundamentals for Quantity Surveying Professionals

This webinar, presented by Bernie Musry of Doyles Construction Lawyers, will provide viewers with key information about this important area of construction law.

Bernie will explain the basics of contractual mechanisms for the treatment of latent site conditions, what can be done in various circumstances, how to approach contracting around latent conditions and when alarm bells should be ringing for quantity surveying professionals.

12:00pm Tuesday, 28 May 2024



Doyles staff speak at a range of seminars, conferences and association meetings.

Jim Doyle will be presenting at Key Media’s Employment Law Masterclass. The event will run in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane with Jim speaking in each city on “Drafting and Enforcing Restraints of Trade for Employees and Contractors.”

Jim Doyle will be presenting at ADEB’s “Construction Defects – Australia’s Apartment Crisis”. The event will run in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth with Jim speaking in each city on:

Contractual Defects & Design Defect Liability; Regularion, Onus & Impacts

      • Legal liabilities: contracts between the owner & developer/contractor/subcontractor (including suppliers, architects, engineers etc.), tort, negligence and misleading conduct, indemnity clauses;

      • Potential for loss: whether or not this is an insurable event, policy wording, exclusion clauses, consequential damages, multiple parties on the same policy;

      • Defect clauses in standard contracts and likely improvements;

      • Principles outlined by the High Court in Bellgrove v Elridge: introduces a test of necessity and reasonableness, D Galambos & Son Pty Ltd v McIntyre: diminution in value to be measure of damages where remedial work is not reasonable;

      • Likely reform paths: legislation, Court activism, building codes;

      • Risk Management: from project inception to post-completion issues, new emerging models.

    Jim Doyle also recently presented at: Crown Leadership International Group, Managing Construction Suspension and Contract Termination Masterclass, Brisbane

    Disputes and Conflicts within Construction Contracts

        • What types of disputes you can expect

        • Unveiling the best practice methods for resolving disputes

        • Accessing the available dispute resolution mechanisms

        • Obtaining a fair deal for all parties in the dispute

        • Ensuring proper documentations of the outcome

        • Understanding legal and court processes for dispute resolution

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      Doyles offer a range of ‘boardroom briefings’ including on-site or off-site training in legal concepts and principles and to update senior executives on new developments in the latest legislation or duty practice.

      This 45 minute presentation covers the following key points:

          • Threshold Issues: Who can claim, who is open to claims and when

          • Pre Adjudication Processes: Making a claim and issuing a payment schedule

          • Adjudication Processes: The Adjudication application, response and adjudication administration process

          • Post Adjudication Processes: Dealing with an award, making/enforcing payment. Grounds for appeal

          • Risk Minimisation: Administrative issues during a contract, suggested amendments to new contracts

          • Collateral risk issues, consultants, financiers, etc.

        This presentation is ideal for Senior Managers and Executives requiring an understanding of the Securities of Payment legislation and its impact on an organisations risk profile and administrative procedures.

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        We prefer to conduct contract management and other legal or industry-related training in-house. Participants are then free to discuss their organisation’s particular issues and processes amongst the group without fear of breaching confidentiality.

        Our solicitors are generally available by audio-visual link as well as in person, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the normal working week.

        Workshops include:

            • Notes and Guidance on the Act

            • Worked Examples

            • Adequate Time for Questions

            • Limited to 30 People

          Workshops run for 4 hours with a break ‘mid session’ – suggested times either from 9:00am to 1:00pm or 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

          Download session details overview here:



          EOT Claims1/2 day workshop covering the legal and contractual aspects of making and processing Extension of Time Claims.

          Defective Work Claims
          1/2 day workshop covering the legal and contractual aspects of making and processing Defective Work Claims.

          Variation Claims1/2 day workshop covering the legal and contractual aspects of making and processing Variation Claims.

          To discuss your options call 1800 888 783 or alternatively complete the form below to register your interest in our events: