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Do you want to Renovate, Sub-Divide, or Build on your property? Development Application Rejected? We can help!

Council applications over something as simple as cutting down an ordinary, non-endangered tree on your property can be extremely confusing, time-consuming and difficult to get approved.

Why Get Our Help?

Councils will often set very high standards for their approval, to ensure compliance with the law; but this can also confuse and complicate applications. Having an experienced lawyer acting for you may result in a much simpler and smoother overall council experience.

We can help you if you have questions about:

      1. Do you need council approval to renovate?
      2. What documents to you need to file for a subdivision?
      3. What to file for a house renovation?
      4. How to get council approval to build on your property?
      5. Whether you can cut down trees on your property without getting council approval?
      6. What documents are needed for council approval?
      7. How to file a development application?
      8. What environmental protections apply and what documents you might need to satisfy those requirements?
      9. How to dispute a council development application rejection?

    At Doyles, we see it as a community obligation to help people struggling to satisfy council concerns, which is why we are offering a FREE CONSULTATION in relation to your council Issues.

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    Just Want Advice?

    It can be tricky to know what to file for council approval.

    As you will know if you have tried, filing a simple development application for Sub-Division in some states (without even involving any construction) involves 137 optional supporting documents to upload, each of which may involve thousands of dollars to have experts produce for you and incorrectly preparing a document like a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE), or identifying the incorrect Council Local Environmental Plan (LEP) obligations, or Missing an aspect of the relevant Council Development Control Plan or other environmental protection regulations can result in the rejection of applications or worse.

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