Council and Planning

Council Issues can be a serious hurdle for anyone building a new building or just renovating their existing home. Council processes can be confusing, expensive & time consuming, and people can often go through a complex process of applications, amendment and appeal only to find their applications ultimately being rejected.

If you are building or renovating, but:

  1. Want to avoid spending your time and money working through multiple rejected applications, numerous expert reports and a confusing appeal process without guidance?
  2. Can’t understand why your project is getting knocked back when other similar projects in the local are getting approved?
  3. Are worried about the complex regulatory impacts of heritage, development zoning, ecological and enviromental restrictions, fire safety restrictions and the effect of easements or other legal restrictions on your property?

Book a consultation with one of our lawyers today and a FREE 15 minute chat with one of our solicitors, who help guide people through planning and council issues every day as well as litigating the cases which are refused.

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While lawyers might be expensive, our FREE consultation costs you nothing; and the fees of failed applications, expert report which miss the mark and rejections of impropperly supported applications might all just be avoided if you had access to the expertise you needed from the get go.

Whether you are building an attached dwelling, renovating your home, or have got a council notice about deviation from approved plans; find out where you stand from your friendly neighbourhood legal specialists before you find out you HAVE to talk to us.

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