Building & Construction Lawyers in Sydney

In the midst of a massive construction boom that many consider as totally unprecedented, Sydney and its residents are currently experiencing the full impact of the eruption of construction activities.

Tower cranes, heavy equipment and construction workers are everywhere. Some news headlines even say “Sydney has turned into one giant construction site”.

With almost $5 billion worth of projects now in full swing, Sydney’s CBD is expected to look more dense and vastly different in the coming years with new office towers slowly emerging.

And the boom is not just limited to modern skyscrapers. Residential construction is also currently on the uptick.

In this environment, it is common to see disputes between builders and homeowners happen. When these things happen, the best course of action is to settle disputes or look for professionals who specialise in construction dispute resolution.


In Sydney, Doyles Construction Lawyers has built a reputation for top quality Construction Law services. With a staff coming from multidisciplinary backgrounds and years of experience assisting clients from the construction industry, Doyles Construction Lawyers can handle all types of projects — from large civil developments to small scale residential projects.

Our building and construction lawyers specialise in:

  • Contract Documentation – The success or failure of a project often hinges on the accuracy and integrity of the construction contract documentation. The team at Doyles are experts at recognising contract issues before they blossom into painful, drawn-out litigation.

  • Construction Negotiation – In some cases disputes are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they need to end badly. Doyles offer effective negotiation services that can defuse potentially explosive situations, limit damages and liability and avoid some issues altogether.

  • Dispute Resolution – Disputes have countless potential sources but if handled properly lengthy and expensive litigation can be avoided and business relationships can be preserved for the long-term good of all involved. Trust Doyles for effective dispute resolution.

  • Payment Claims – Payment disputes are an all-too-common fact of life in the construction business. If the time has come to seek legal help to recover money owed to your business, Doyles Construction Lawyers are the ones to call.

  • Urgent Legal Advice – In the blink of an eye a situation can arise that requires an urgent and effective response. No one is better qualified to provide accurate advice and effective representation than the team at Doyles Construction Lawyers.

When to Call Doyles Construction Lawyers

There are countless situations that may call for professional legal advice. The following are some of the most common reasons building contractors call Doyles for help:

When suing or being sued – Launching a lawsuit or responding to one without effective legal representation is usually highly inadvisable. Construction companies know that with decades of experience, Doyles are the ones to call when lawsuits rear their ugly head.

Claims of defective construction – This is one of the most common types of construction-related litigation. An experienced construction lawyer can help clarify a complex situation and perhaps even enable you to avoid litigation altogether.

On-the-job injuries – In recent years serious construction-related accidents have been greatly reduced. But they still happen from time to time. An experienced construction industry lawyer can help prevent an injury claim from devolving into an unseemly, drawn-out courtroom drama.

Contractual actions – Any time clients feel it necessary to invoke a feature of the contract such as an escalation or termination clause it is best to seek the advice of an experienced construction attorney. 

We help homeowners, builders, contractors and subcontractors alike. For urgent legal advice, call our Sydney office today. We also have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.


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