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With a population estimated to reach 5 million by mid of 2018, Melbourne is the economic muscle of Victoria. People from all over Australia and the world come to Melbourne to gain access to education, employment, and business opportunities resulting to an average growth rate of 3.83% over the last seven years.

Melbourne’s increasing population means more construction projects are taking place all over the area to house more families and new businesses that are coming in.

To plan these projects, develop construction contracts and settle building disputes when they happen, it’s good to know that Melbourne has local professionals who specialise in Construction Law.

Doyles Construction Lawyers

In Melbourne, Doyles Construction Lawyers is a trusted name for legal services that apply to the construction industry. We can help homeowners, builders, contractors, and subcontractors in these areas:

Throughout the years, we have demonstrated our competence and our experience serving diverse clients which include government agencies, statutory authorities, principals, head contractors and subcontractors alike.

Our experienced staff are ready and willing to assist you in getting the best solution for your Construction Law-related needs.

Call our Melbourne office today to get urgent legal advice. You may also contact us in our offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

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