Builder and Contracts : 5 Tips and Traps for Owner in Victoria

You are required to enter into a major domestic building contract in Victoria, when the total cost is $5,000 or more and you carry out domestic building works which includes building; Repairs; Improvements; Maintenance; Demolition; and/or Removal. Before you sign a domestic building contract, there are a number of things that you should check. 1. Is the builder registered with […]

10 Tips to making a payment claim

Knowing your rights when making a payment claim for goods or services rendered cannot be underestimated. With many service providers and customers falling fowl each year Doyles Construction Lawyers have compiled an easy to follow list of tips for you to make the next claim go smoother than ever. Please complete the form below to receive […]

Building Defects : Defective Balconies

Due to the widespread construction of high density apartments and townhouses there has also been an increase in the construction of balconies. Balconies are susceptible to water damage which can lead to damage to the internal elements of the building. The defective construction of balconies has become an increasingly common dispute affecting owners’ corporations. In this article we look […]

Queensland: Process and procedure in building disputes

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT): Process and procedure in building disputes QCAT is an independent tribunal that is part of the justice services division of the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General. QCAT aims to actively resolve the disputes that come before it in a way that is said to be “fair, just, accessible, quick and inexpensive”. In […]